What is Zombie Zone?
The Basics...
Zombie Zone is a large role play event that uses NERF guns to create a live-action zombie-shooter video game. When you purchase your ticket you choose to join the R.E.D. team, B.L.U.E. team or the Zombie team. Humans  are armed with Nerf guns while Zombies are armed only with a single minded determination to consume brains and an "I-died-to-look-this-good" face. On the night you will work with your faction to control resources and score points.

The event will be taking over a large portion of the Gluttony site for one night only. Starting at 11pm and going until 3am, this will be epic nerf vs zombie action!

Zombie Zone is an over 18's only event.
How will it work?
Each player is attached to a team and each team has a non-playing team leader. The job of the team leader is to track point scores and inform players of missions as they occur during the event.

At the start of the event all players will be issued with a "life" in the form of a team coloured wristband which must be worn on the left wrist. When you "kill" a member of another team they must bring their "life" for you to collect. When you return to base you hand over any lives you have collected and your team leader will record all points. Once you are "killed" and have handed over your life you are unable to participate in the game until you have returned to your team's base to be issued a "new life" from your team leader.
Which Team suits me?
There are 3 teams to choose from...

The Rapid Engagement Division - The R.E.D. squad are an army special task force who are sent in when shit is getting weird. Ultimately, this team are the good guys.

Biometrics Laboratories Undead Exterminators - The B.L.U.E. are a mercenary team hired to scavenge for chemical weapons. Biometrics knew that zombism was just a matter of time and trained you ready for this day. (P.S. These are pretty much the bad guys)

Zombies - It's your chance to liven up the undead party! You choose to become a member of the mindless living dead... otherwise known as Instant Hotel's core audience. This is the team for people who really like to chew over their thoughts.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** - Zombies don't use Nerf! They get in and get a good grip on the situation. (i.e. They use their hands.) The other big difference is that your ticket includes the opportunity to have a zombie make over from our on-site artists if you choose.