How to Play
This is how we roll...
There are a limited number of tickets available for Zombie Zone and those tickets are split into 3 equal teams. Participants choose a team when buying their tickets to ensure each faction is well represented. We also ask players to dress according to their team allegiance.

Players earn points for their team by "killing" members of the rival teams and by completing missions. Some missions will also provide the team with resources to help them in their battles.

At the start of the event, each player will be given a "1 Life" wristband.
That wristband is worn on the left hand.​
For a member of the R.E.D. or B.L.U.E. teams to complete a kill they must shoot a rival player anywhere on their body with a foam dart fired from their Nerf gun. For a Zombie to complete a kill they must touch the rival player anywhere on their body.
Once "killed" a player must walk over to their killer and hand them their "1 Life" wristband. Having handed over the wristband they are then excluded from game play until they return to their team base to receive a new life from their team leader. During the walk back to base keep your left hand raised so other players can see you are currently out of play.

As you kill other players you collect their "1 Life" wristbands on your right wrist. When returning to your team base, collected lives should be handed to your team leader for counting. At the end of the event only points registered with your team leader will be counted so it is important to have the logged frequently.

The team leader will also provide details of mini-missions that will occur during the event. The missions will give players the opportunity to receive extra points and to receive "power-ups" to help them during game play.

At the end of the night all the points will be tallied to find the winning team and the winning player. The winning player will receive a sweet gift voucher from the awesome people at Mad Collectables. The winning team will get glory!*

*Glory is non-transferrable and subject to availability.

In the weeks leading up to the Zombie Zone event we will be releasing mission teaser hints and boss battle strategy advice. Make sure you Like us to give yourself an advantage on the night!