Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I get Tickets?
Tickets are available through FringeTix. They can be purchased online or through one of their box-office locations around the city.
What should I bring?
If you've purchased a ticket to be a human you should bring some Nerf guns or similar style of foam dart shooting toy. You should bring plenty of darts to use also. If you don't have any then we will have a limited amount of Nerf guns available on site for you to rent. Nerf rental is $20 per gun and includes darts but bring ID if you intend to hire. Zombies don't need Nerf gear.

Otherwise players may want to consider bringing a bottle of water. There will be the ability to refill your bottle at the site and cups will be provided but a bottle will make it easier for you to grab a drink when you need. You may also want to bring a little snack as you will be running for several hours.

As there are no lockers available on site you may want to consider using a backpack to carry what you need and leave non-essentials at home.

Lastly we do suggest you bring your mobile phone with you as we may use it to contact competitors during the event.
What should I wear?
Please dress according to your team. If you are a Zombie, please get into the spirit of the event and dead-it-up. Feel free to use masks and other costume items. Keep in mind you will want good visibility so masks the obscure your sight may not be ideal. We will also have make-up artists on sight to help bring out the death in your eyes if you would like to visit them.

Humans, please wear your team colour. If you are in the R.E.D. team, try and wear an obviously red toned outfit. And B.L.U.E. please wear predominantly blue. If you can't do that, don't worry too much but it will help your team on the night.

Don't forget this is an outdoor running event so comfortable, close-toed shoes are probably a good idea. 

Which Team should I pick?
The team you choose will affect your experience of the event. If you choose to be a Zombie you will not get to play with nerf, however you will get to have some awesome roleplay experiences. You will be offered access to one of our make-up artists on site and will still get to take part in some fun tactical missions. (These tickets are also a little cheaper to make up for the lack of Nerf.)

The R.E.D. team are the good guys and are generally there to clean up the site and make the world safe again. Your missions will be largely group clean-out missions. You are there to wipe out the horde and make sure they never come back.

The B.L.U.E. team are a little bit more morally ambiguous. The missions will still involve plenty of killing but also some strategic creep and capture missions to help give your employers the ability to create their own undead army.
WhIch Nerf guns are best?
This is one of those questions that will have different answers for different people. The best blaster really depends on your style of game play. Do you like to rush in and spray bullets all around hoping it hits something? Or do you prefer a slower approach where you like to take long shots with high level of accuracy? If you've done nerf events in the past you probably have a solid idea of what style you like.

If you are a bit more of a Nerf novice then a safe bet is to have two guns. Choose one gun that is a reasonably quick firing multi-shooter and a single shot sidearm. For the multi-shooter there are clip style guns that can be good if you have extra clips as they allow for fast reload in the middle of a big fight. The downside to clip styles is they can be prone to jamming. Barrel style multi-shooters can be a little slower to reload but tend to be a little more reliable. For your side arm choose something small that fits in a pocket and has one or two extra bullets pre-loaded and ready to fire if you suddenly find your main gun is empty.

Last Dodo is running a Nerf Arena on the Gluttony grounds for the duration of the Fringe. Its $5 for 15min of Nerf play and we will have a wide variety of guns for you to play with. If you would like a chance to experiment with a few different Nerf options this is the perfect place to do that.
Where is this happening?
The Zombie Zone event will be taking over approx. a third of the Gluttony grounds in at Rymill park. Event sign in will be happening at the Nerf Arena entrance. This event has specifically been planned for the Sunday night prior to the Monday public holiday. This has meant that by midnight most shows will have finished for the night and this event can spread through the park to happen around the various tent venues. There will still be out-of-bounds areas but this will be a chance to see the Fringe like it's never been seen before!
What time does it start?
The event is advertised as starting at 11pm. This is when registration and weapons checks begin. If you are a Zombie it is also when your optional makeovers can begin happening so if you are keen to get make-up we suggest arriving at or close to 11pm. We expect registrations to be completed by 11:45pm. Anyone arriving after 11:45pm may be locked out of the event.

There will then be a 15min briefing by the Zombie game master. The games will then run from midnight until 2:45am. The last 15min of the night will be the announcement of the winners before we send you back out into the real world.