When the Zombie Apolcalypse begins in Adelaide,
Which side will you be on?
What happens next...
How it Began...
The closure of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital was a momentous occassion. It was also an opportunity for some great bargains... including a fridge repurposed from the old pathology department.

A bit of time has gone by and certain samples have been allowed to stew. The fridge found its way into an artists' change room, one thing led to another... Now Gluttony is ground zero and the Adelaide Fringe Festival is the scene of horrors even previously unimagined.

​The Zombie Apocalypse has begun! So far it is contained....but for how long!!!
The stunning Gluttony festival grounds in Rymill park is the site of a massive three sided bloodbath. The Zombie horde is massing and is hungry for brains.

The army has sent in the Rapid Engagement Division to stop the spread. Also present are the corporate mercenaries of Biometric Laboratories Undead Exterminators, who are there to claim control of the virus as a weapon.

Who will win? Will the R.E.D. forces wipe out all traces of the outbreak or will the B.L.U.E team claim the evidence they need? Or will the Zombies simply kill them all and enjoy a brainy buffet in the park?